Southampton School of Hairdressing & Barbering

Having gained credibility amongst fellow teachers and mentors for delivering quality teaching and training over many years.

Many of our apprentices have gone on to become salon managers and owners themselves.

I wanted to raise the standard and give new stylists my time, energy and passion for the trade. Therefore having spent time working with students young and old in further education it was time to go it alone.

I wanted the autonomy to run an academy like a real salon ...Professional, fun and client centred only excellent hairdressing and barbering will do.

I opened the School of hairdressing and barbering in September 2015 and am enjoying working closely in small group with the next generation of stylist and barber.

The idea is to have small class sizes where learners have the best of the teacher.

One to one tutoring.

I have found the results to be worth the time working with individuals to bring out the best in them.

We work closely with salon owners to individualise the training that their apprentices need.

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