Rounded Pixie Crop

Sophies client wanted a change...So with careful consulting and time spent browsing looks together, thinking about maintenance on the new style and generally discussing lots of ideas
The decision was made ! Short please...


Sophie looked at face shape and colour to establish the correct and best suited length to commit to. Taking a horse shoe shape section from recession to crown on both sides, the hair was separated into two main areas.
Once this had been checked to establish defining areas such as fringe and crown weight. Sophie made a start using a variety of tools such as razor and texturing scissors to retain weight and bulk through mid band sections.
Working with the natural movement of the hair is of paramount importance as this will make the difference longer term as the hair grows. Sophie was mindful at all times that her balance and posture was comfortable not only her own but also her clients. Sometimes a head can 'drift' to one side...( hairdresser problems!!)
Anyhow once the bulk of the length and weight had been established throughout the sides and back. Sophie was able to personalise these areas using the razor, keeping the clients wishes at top priority which was ' Feminine', Sophie used the razor to soften edges. Once this was created Sophie worked methodically through the top sections using multi directional approach to create texture and movement throughout.
Having taken off over 10 inches of hair! the client was feeling light headed for all the right reasons!
To finish Sophie finger dried with heat and workable wax working with the direction of the fringe area. She smoothed the front with a brush for softening.

The result...

Every four weeks this haircut is cleaned up and this lady is buzzing with joy every time!