Low Ombré

Sophie worked with her client to achieve a strong ombré look


Sophie worked with her client to achieve a strong ombré look. The previous colour work was taken into consideration whilst deciding on colour choices and suitability for the desired outcome. Having correctly taken precaution with all testing needed such as skin, strand and incompatibility, Sophie was able to make a start, working through the back sections brick work foiling technique was used with a prelightener, large deep weaves were used through the back, worked up through the sides just below the temple region on a diagonal basis to allow and work with flow of the hairline and natural recession areas.

Once the foiled work was in place with low volumes of peroxide applied, Sophie had time to start work on the application of the main colour block work. She used a deep rich base with a splash of warmth to go with clients wishes of rich warm brown into gold. Sophie used a Block tinting technique splitting the remaining hair into four even sections she was able to apply the colour directly on to scalp with precision to avoid 'skin stain'. Working the product evenly throughout the hair in small sub sections takes time and patience as without this. We may not have got such an even result !

The clients hair was already chemically treated so it was important to consider these factors whilst making chemical choices. Once the block colour had been placed appropriately using a ' smudging ' technique. Sophie gently back brushed the remaining hair through the mid lengths and ends to create an uneven texture. Sophie used a low volume of prelightener with oil to ensure even coverage. The colour was applied using ' freehand ' technique
of scrubbing and scrunching. Once the colour had been evenly distributed throughout and blended through, avoiding lines, the developing process took place and there lays the result.

A strong ' dipped ombre' effect
And a happy lady ...