Katie our barber shows how to disconnect by exercising precision in sectioning. This is the key to clear disconnection.


Katie took a parting based from recession to crown separating the hair from the top out of the way to avoid cutting here unnecessarily. Using the parting to the left as the guide, she used a grade two flat to the head and swept up and through to the parting line. Remembering at all times to keep firm grip on the clipper tool to avoid unevenness throughout the cut.

Katie has connecting areas through the crown to a blended line sitting neatly above the occipital  bone using and working with the natural contours of the clients head. Working through the same in the right side of the head Katie has worked the clipper detail back and through to create a disconnection into a blend in crown. Ensuring at all times asymmetry and correct weight balance. Once the hair cut has been checked and cleared of all hair clippings, Katie has defined the hairline with a ' rounded ' finish using the detailers.

Once the sides and back are the correct length shape and balance Katie has bought the top section into the haircut using inch deep sections from crown to front hairline
Working from left parietal ridge ensuring even tension through scissor and comb.

Katie has taken the correct length off the top and continuing across the head from left to right and then working from the crown forward in isolated boxed sections. Katie had been able to establish and create a clear length guide to balance the top into the crown area for blended purposes. To finish, Katie has blow dried with a vent brush and thermo spray to medium hold the hair back off the face and created root area lift for suitability
Last of all ... Sheen pomade to define brush lines for a slick sharp modern look.