Block Fusion

Paris worked with this client very closely to achieve her dream hair !! Taking the brave step of full colour change is always a little scary !! With skills and knowledge not only in the theory of colour ! Paris allayed fears and reassured her client using swatches of colour to try next to the skin and a coloured wig to try on !! To see whether the plunge was going to be taken ....The results are beautiful Rich deep red.


Again taking precautions with all necessary tests put in place prior to any chemical service is an absolute must for any professional hairdresser. Without this, well, not only potential unhappiness to the client which is devastating for both parties! But long term damage we have seen in the media the dangers of not knowing your stuff when DIY hairdressing takes place. Serious implications catastrophic reactions and litigation to say the least. Not us...

Paris worked her magic using the pre-pigmentation method to ensure strong and long lasting results. Starting with putting the lost tone back in the hair through the mid lengths and ends, refering to development times according to manufacturers instructions. Once the new hair had its tone restored, Paris was able to start work on a strong more even base, using a block tint sectioning pattern and working cleanly and evenly from roots, mid and finally ends, small sub sections were then taken through the back first. The tint was applied in long clean strokes ensuring at all times that the product was absorbing well.

Continuing through the front, being mindful to avoid 'skin stain' Paris completed this work ensuring coverage on every tiny hair. Once developed she took this one length cut up by an inch and rounded the edges to soften through the front.
Again using a thermo protein product this gave our client and silky gloss finish and stunning rich colour. The client took home a Tigi Colour safe shampoo and treatment to keep her tresses tip top.